Site Map Stage 1 – updated 3rd Sep 2009

To give viewers a better idea of where we are in Stage One of the project, we include this map for your information. Re-sleepering began at Hazelgrove Station and is proceding South for 5km to Oberon. The track work has now reached the Oberon Yard.
UPDATE: August 09 – OTHR now has the lease on the station and yard and that area will now form the base of future operations. Restoration of the station and yard to allow commencement of public running has commenced.

There are some areas of track we have to revisit where access was temporarily impossible and work remains to be done on some crossings.

“Filling the Gaps” in work previously missed due to sleeper shortages, inclement weather, flooding etc. is still underway and some completed sections require final alingment.

OTHR is negotiating with Oberon Council for the restoration of the LEVEL CROSSINGS at Lowes Mount Road and Albion Street.

We could do with some more help so if you are able bodied and can lend a hand, even if only for a few days. Week long camps are advertised on the front page.

Ring  Peter Culley 0427 042 448 for detail on the track work program.

Map Source – CMA
Oberon 8830-1-S 1990 with thanks.

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