Revised April 2010

  • to ensure the preservation of the existing rail infrastructure between & including both the junction station at Tarana and the terminus at Oberon
  • to operate in consultation and co-operation with the local Councils, local landholders and the broader Oberon / Tarana community
  • to progressively rebuild the line in stages to accommodate light traffic such as Railmotors (possibly a CPH rail motor or others) or by means of a light locomotive and carriages.
  • in the first stages of development, utilise OTHR volunteers and donated machinery to facilitate reconstruction
  • to initially focus on the reconstruction of the line and associated infrastructure
  • to encourage the resumption of commercial use of the line
  • to develop and maintain links with:
  • the Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd.
  • the Independent Transport Safety & Reliability Regulator
  • other heritage railway groups
  • local timber industries with a view to commercial operation
  • tourist bodies to promote the tourism potential of the line
  • heavy machinery and transport operators
  • to continually refine:
  • our business plan
  • rail infrastructure management plans
  • operational safety plans
  • to encourage membership subscriptions by setting a fee of $15 per individual.

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