Mr Paul Toole MP

Paul Toole (2nd from right) with OTHR committee members in November 2011

Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway is very grateful for Paul Toole to have agreed to take on the role of the Patron for us from 2012.

Paul is originally from Peel, a village outside of Bathurst, where as one of nine children, took an interest in politics from an early age with both his father, Trevor Toole, and grandfather Jack Toole standing for political office numerous times over the years.  Paul qualified as a teacher, and began teaching at the Assumption Primary school in 1995, the same year being elected as a local government Councillor for the Evans Shire Council. He went on to become deputy Mayor of the Bathurst Regional council, and Mayor of the same in 2007.

Paul gained endorsement as a National Party candidate for the NSW state seat of Bathurst in 20120, and won the March 2011 elections with a record swing of 36.3%, winning 74.8% of the vote on a two-party preferred basis. Following his election to state political office, Toole announced his decision to immediately retire from teaching and step down as Mayor in September 2011.

Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway welcomes Paul’s enthusiasm and knowledge, and we look forward to Paul assisting us with our exciting project.

Andrew Gee MP

Andrew Gee, the Federal Member for Calare has agreed to become Co-Patron of the Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway Inc. Andrew lives in Orange with his family and has expressed a keen interest in seeing our project succeed.

Andrew and his family moved to Orange in 2005 where he practised as a barrister in the fields of civil litigation and family law. Andrew entered politics in 2011 when he secured the NSW state seat of Orange for The Nationals and was re-elected in 2015. In April 2015 Andrew was nominated and won pre-selection as The Nationals Federal candidate for the seat of Calare and went on to successfully hold the seat for the party.

Previous Patron (2005-2011): Mr. Gerard Martin

Gerard Martin MP pictured in Sep 2005 at the official opening of the OTHR project at Tarana.

Gerard Martin was the NSW State Member for Bathurst for almost 12 years until his retirement at the 2011 State elections.

Born in Lithgow, Gerard worked in the Lithgow Coal industry for many years and his interests in regional development and sport lead him to also me a local government Councillor with the Lithgow Council for 25 years, serving as Mayor for 16 of those years.

Gerard was a natural choice for Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway when it was formed, and supported us in the first years of our project.  Gerard was particularly helpful when we submitted our Community Partnership Building Grant in 2010 for the funds to erect our rolling stock shed.

We thanks Gerard very much for his support over the last years, and wish him and his wife Kathy all the best in their retirement.



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