December 2014 & January 2015 Working Bee Report

The main achievements over these two periods of time were:

  • Completion of the rail section to go across Albion Street – the check rail has been fixed to the rail and and it is now ready for installation by the Council. A special drilling machine was borrowed from Lithgow to drill the rail and importantly several of the volunteers have gained experience in its use and this will speed up work when holes have to be drilled in the rail in the future.
  • Roads 1 & 2 into the Rolling Stock Shed are almost finished – the gauge of the line has been set, holes have been drilled in the sleepers and the dog spikes driven in to fix most of the line. A high point near the turn out to road 2 has been lowered by removing the about 8 sleepers and digging out a considerable amount of soil and the re-installing the sleepers.
  • Painting of the interior of the Plough Wagon. The exterior is also receiving some special attention from Track Manager Graham Williams.
  • Gardening and cleaning up the station area has continued with special efforts being put in by Barry Webb and Arthur Robinson.
  • Peter Culley spent time sorting out the sleeper stockpile near the Oberon Tip. There are now two distinct piles: those suitable for future track work and those suitable for sale for garden landscaping.
  • For the January working bee 10 different volunteers were present over the 5 days with a total of 181.5 hours worked

1 December rain2 December rain

3 December Track  Work4 December Track Work

5 Levering the check rail6 Measure once

7 Measure twice8 Bolting the drill to the rail

9 Getting started10 Finished

11 Bolting the check rail12 Finished

13 Ian getting the compressor ready14 Michael painting the plough carriage

19 Plough wagon with  new undercoat20 Another view21 Work in progress

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