Oberon - Tarana Railway Line Map

The Oberon Branch is a short line in the mountains to the west of Sydney. It extends south from the Main West Line to the town of Oberon. Open for 56 years, services were suspended in 1979.

Leaving the Main West at Tarana, the line meandered south to Carlwood where it began the 10km climb to Hazelgrove. This section featured some of the steepest (1 in 25 compensated) and tightest (5 chain radius) curves in the state. From there, the line proceeded toward the terminus of Oberon.

The Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway is in the envious position of having much of it’s infrastructure intact and in reasonably good order.

Work is ongoing in stages to renew and restore existing infrastructure, and in some cases build new facilities which will be required for our tourist operations.