Tim Arnison – President

Tim ArnisonOur  President, Tim Arnison was born in the UK in the small town of Penrith, on the main northern rail line to Scotland. Tim developed   an early fascination for trains, particularly on the scenic branch line to Keswick, near Derwent Water in the heart of the Lake District, just to the west of Penrith.  Tim’s childhood memories of steam trains and two-car diesels on local trips lay dormant for many years as he immigrated to Australia in 1970 and became involved for over 25 years in the engineering and construction business in Sydney.

However, by moving to Oberon in 1998 with his wife, Sue, to set up a beef breeding herd Tim has returned to his rural roots. Little did he know that his early interest in trains would re-emerge to see him now deeply involved with a different branch line – in Australia!