Willeen Logan Collection

Permission to publish the following photos was given to us by Willeen Logan from Linden NSW. They were her (late) mother’s photos which were taken in 1943.  In June 2012, Willeen provided us with the following information about the photos.

“They were taken when my mother, Pauline Budge (in photo 3 and at front of platform in Photo 4) went out to Tarana to collect her sister-in-law, Nellie Budge (nee Lang, youngest daughter of the former Premier of NSW, Jack Lang. Nellie is holding her only child, James Budge age 5 in the middle of Photo 1 and in Photo 4 at the back of the platform).
In Photo 3, the full name on the side of the vehicle is partly obscured by the open driver’s door. It looks like the name is ‘H Dav….’ (maybe Davis, Davies, Davidson, Davey, Davy). Then below looks like the beginnings of the word ‘Oberon’.
I don’t know who the family is. Maybe someone in your area may know.
Nellie was sent there with her son after the bombing of Sydney Harbour. I don’t know how long they stayed or what the relationship with the family was. Henry Lawson was Nellie’s uncle who came from the Mudgee area. Maybe this family was related to his family.
As the bombing of Sydney Harbour was in the middle of 1942, Nellie could very well have been staying at Tarana at least 6 months, maybe a year.
I am only too happy for you to use these photographs. I must also advise you that both Nellie and her son Jim are alive and well, living in NZ. Nellie turns 99 in September.”
 Copyright for the photos remains with Willeen Logan, and they are not to be reproduced without her permission.


Willeen Logan Collection — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks Willeen for letting me know about your late Mum’s photos of times gone by. In photo 1, is that your Mum in the black dress standing next to Nellie? Just looking at these photos takes many of us back to the days of steam trains, old cars and harder times. I am sure that the Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway appreciates your kind gesture, allowing them to use your photos. Cheers!

  2. The 1943 photos from Willeen Logan are indeed excellent. Some investigation at the site shows that photo 4 is at Carlwood. The train appears to have just arrived from Hazelgrove, travelling funnel first to Tarana. The PC 1 waiting shed would have been immediately behind the photographer.

  3. Thank you for your comments. My mother is in photo 2 & photo 4. She is wearing a hat, holding a light coloured handbag and has dark dress shoes with a heal.
    Thank you Colin for the details about the location of photo 4.
    Nellie Budge died last year at the age of 100 and a half.

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