ORH Recognition

It’s nice to be recongnised for your efforts.  It’s nice to have someone say ‘thank you’.  The OTHR volunteers often hear a ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’ from our many supporters, which goes a long way in boosting the morale and giving us a little extra determination to carry on with our restoration project.

It’s also nice to get a formal thank you from the ‘higher authorities’ occasionally, and the Certificate of Appreciation from the Office of Rail Heritage which arrived in the mail last week is no exception.  A lovely framed certificate which we will present to our volunteers at our next general meeting, whilst not helping us in any material or financial way, still cheers us all that little bit.

We must recognise the ORH for it’s consistant focus on recognising the industry’s volunteers, and we throw a thank you back at them for this.

(PS – note the nice little OTHR photo in front of loco 7307 at the top of the certificate)

ORH 2012 thank you



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