Goods Wagons

OTHR is assembling a rake of goods wagons similar to those utilised on the line in the past in it’s heyday. These will be used for display and interpretive purposes within the Oberon Railway Yard.

History of S-Trucks

S class vehicles are 4-sheel open freight wagons which were used to carry general freight on the NSW rail system. They were built between 1907 and  1958, with a tar weight of 8T and a capacilty of 16T

More than 10,000 of these 4-wheel open wagons were built, forming the backbone of the NSW freight service for some 70 years, and were loaded with almost any freight except livestock.

A full load could be 51 bales of wool, or 188 bags of grain. Only about 30 of these trick remain in existence today. These wagons are known colloquially as “S Trucks”.

Information courtest ARHS-ACT Div.

Covered Vans

Covered vans were used in NW since 1855. From the mid-1880s the design of the vans changed with louvred construction and were clasified as C or LC wagons.

The LC vans were build between 1880s and the mid 1920s with iron or stell underframes.

By 1940 most of the original C vans had een condemned, but a need for covered vans had developed so a number of 4-wheel cattler wagons were converted CV (Covered Vans). They retained their timber underframes and had tongue and groove timber flooring inserted. The side doors were moved to the centre of the wagon.

OTHRs collection of goods wagons

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