All roof items were removed to improve clearance when the unit was road transported from Broken Hill.

Rail Motor

CPH13 on it’s way to Oberon thanks to our good friends at Goodwin Alco.
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CPH13 in service at Waterfall 1978. Photo Steve Preston

We are indebted to our friends at Goodwin Alco for sponsoring this project: - “While currently in a partially dismantled state, restoration plans to rebuild and reactivate CPH 13 will soon have it ready for the next stage of its operating career at Oberon”.

OTHR intends to run the railmotor between Oberon and Hazelgrove particularly for less than coach load groups of passengers.

CPH rail motors began service on country New South Wales rail lines in 1923 and they lasted well into the mid-1980s, providing 60 years of service. CPH 13 was built in 1925. In its final years of regular service, it was based at Wollongong / Port Kembla, and provided local services on the Illawarra line until withdrawn in 1984. She arrived in Canberra that year.

Until mid-2005, CPH 13 was on loan to the “Line of Lode” group in Broken Hill. This group was restoring it to service for use on a section of mine railway around “The Hill” but ceased work on this project in 2005. The unit was returned to Canberra Railway Museum.” (source – ARHS (ACT) website)

Goodwin Alco announced in May 2010 – “that it has secured vintage NSWGR railmotor CPH 13 for operation on the Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway. The rebuilding of the first section of line to Hazelgrove on the former Oberon branch line is nearing completion by OTHR and the provision of “Tin Hare” CPH 13 for tourist service will be part of Goodwin Alco’s contribution to this worthy and exciting heritage project”.

The photo gallery below was taken on 6th July 2008 during the early stages of negotiations to obtain the CPH for use on the Oberon line. Comments by Rick Fletcher – photographs by Kyle Rollinson and Mary Jordan.

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