HP-033        Reviewed 08/12/2016


OTHR has developed an Induction course for all Rail Safety Workers.

To comply with the Rail Safety Act, OTHR will ensure that all workers engaged in rail safety work are trained by means of this OTHR developed induction course and if satisfactorily completed, will issue a Certificate of Competency.

This fundamental Certificate of Competency is in the form of an identity card bearing your photograph, ID number, expiry date, highest qualification and other prescribed information. It will be issued following successful completion of this awareness course. The Certificate of Competency will be re-issued at least every 5 years or when more qualifications are gained.

Site Visitors

Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway Inc (OTHR) welcomes  visitors to our heritage railway project. We are committed to ensuring that your stay with us is SAFE and enjoyable. There are some basic requirements that we ask you to comply with to ensure that your safety is protected. These are outlined in IND-002 Visitor Worksite Induction

HP-038 Recognised Prior Learning Policy

  1. Introduction:  As OTHR moves towards becoming a Railway Operator there is a requirement for Loco crews, shunters, guards etc. There is already a pool of trained people in this field that OTHR needs to tap into in order to be able to run a Heritage Tourist Train, sooner rather than later.
  2. Policy:  OTHR will recognise prior learning by the way of awarded certifications / qualifications of members that have been obtained via accredited third parties.


OTHR Associated Documents:

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Induction & Training Resources:


SOP-009 TMV Operating Manual Rev1. PDF



HP-039 Train Operational Crewing Qualification Policy 6th March 2019

HP-040 Maintenance on Rollingstock and Qualifications Policy 6th March 2019

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