Management, Accountabilities, Responsibilites & Authorities

HP-005       Reviewed 08/12/2016

OTHR has suitable and sufficient systems to ensure that  the organisation has appropriate information about safety, and ensure that decisions affecting safety are implemented effectively.  There are systems and procedures to ensure the Management Committee has sufficient knowledge to determine whether:

  • the SMS is working effectively
  • safety risks are being identified, assessed and managed so far as is reasonable practicable
  • risk controls are being reviewed and revised.


OTHR Associated Documents:

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SOP-016 Events Management 28th August 2019

F-005 Internal Audit Form 190509

F-013 Audit Checklist 060110

F-014 Audit Nonconformance Report 060110

F-016 External Audit Report 060110

RM-009 Risk Register 090516

RM-001 Risk Management Procedure OTHR working 130912 ID


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