Safety Culture

HP-003      Reviewed 08/12/2013

OTHR recognises the importance of maintaining a positive safety culture through providing an environment which encourages workers to report all safety hazards, injuries and incidents, and our safety messages are clearly and regularly communicated.

The management committee does this by regularly:

  • Communicating to members and volunters the importance of our safety procedures, and our safety performance.  Communications are done via newsletters, monthly meetings and toolbox meetings, when required, as well as passively via our website and social media.
  • Toolbox meetings cover a range of topics, but always encouraging our workers to participate in, and provide feedback about safety issues.
  • Fostering trust by encouraging frequent and open communications between the committee and all levels of workers and members. We want to ensure our workers feel confident that they can report issues and recommend improvements without apprehension.
  • Recognising positive contributions by our workers by ensuring anyone who demonstrates initiative in safety areas are thanked and recognised.
  • Actively involve relevant personnel in the development and review of risk assessments, operating procedures and systems to encourage understanding and ownership of the safety management system.


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