Toolbox Meetings

HP-004       Reviewed 08/12/2016

Toolbox Meetings are a means of making volunteers aware of the aspects of the tasks, that they are about to undertake, that they may not have experienced before. The Toolbox Meeting publications listed below are for specific tasks and the volunteers after being briefed on the contents are expected to sign off that they understand the contents.

These documents are provided after the Pre-work briefing for those who are unfamiliar with the tasks or to reinforce safety aspects.

TB-036 Manual Handling 150516

TB-034 Hierarchy of Risk Controls 140516

TB-035 TSA 36 Effective securement with handbrake and stopblocks150516

TB-033 Prohibition on Riding Rollingstock 150516

TB-026 Working with Cranes and Winches 150516

TB-025 Working with Electrical Equipment 150516

TB-024 Working in a Wet Enviroment 150516

TB-023 Working in a Dusty Environment 150516

TB-020 Risk Assessment 150516

TB-019 Drugs and Alcohol 150516

TB-018 Site House Keeping 150516

TB-017 Personal Hygiene 150516

TB-016 Working Near Moving Machinery 150516

TB-015 DRABCD Safety Plan 150516

TB-013 Site Access 150516

TB-012 Fire Extinguishers 150516

TB-011 Working as a Team 150516

TB-009 Operating the Sleeper Trolley 150516

TB-008 Loading the Sleeper Trolley 150516

TB-007 Fatigue Management 150516

TB-006 Compressed Air 150516

TB-005 Using Hand Tools 150516

TB-004 Emergency Procedures 150516

TB-003 Rail Jacks 150516

TB-002 Rail Safety Work – PPE 150516

TB-001 Blank Form 150516




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