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There is always a variety tasks and projects that members can get involved with at OTHR, from vegetation control, track work, painting of rollingstock, maintenance and rebuilding rollingstock just to name a few. And the skills required also vary from task to task, so if you want to become actively involved in OTHR’s mission to run a Heritage Tourist Train on the Oberon Branch Line, give us a call or send OTHR an email.

Working Bees

• Last Friday of the month prep Station / Rollingstock shed for the open day. (ongoing)
• Vegetation control Oberon Yard (ongoing)
• Replace 1 in 4 sleepers on the Coal Storage Road.>  Completed
• Clear track defects in the yard.
o Raise check rail (up rail) on “C” frame turnout. > Completed
o Install clearance markers on all turnouts. >WIP
o Replace 7 lengths of rail on 3 road (Main).
o Install Stop Block at the Buffer Scotia Ave. > Completed
o Install Stop Block on 3 road at gates near home signal. > planning for November.
o Double Dog spike on “crossings”.
o 47KG closure rail on 2 Road near crane.
• Install spider on lever 5 road points.
• Relocate ladder on Home Signal.
• Re-painting of S14201. > WIP > further painting planning for November.
• Re-painting of Car Set 21.
o Body – WIP
o Roof
• Install wooden gates at northern fence near home signal.
• Develop the area in front of the office as work area (benches etc). > WIP
• Relocate paint and other items from area between 6 road and side of shed to the new work area.
• Review items stored in the Freezer Van, take unwanted items to the tip.