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Procurement and Contract Management

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EL-018   Reviewed 17/07/2021 EM-005-00 Procurement and Contract Management (National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 18) OTHR must ensure that procurement and contract management procedures consider safety aspects. Under the law, OTHR will be held directly accountable and responsible for safety within the scope of their operations. Under both the rail safety law and prevailing workplaceRead More »Procurement and Contract Management

Governance and Internal Control Arrangements

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GV-001-00: Governance and Internal Control Arrangements (National Regulations –schedule 1 cl 4) OTHR will ensure that members of the Management Committee and those in Management Positions have sufficient knowledge to manage its rail operations. ‘Sufficient knowledge’ includes that those occupying positions on the Management Committee and Management positions understand: what risks have been identified, andRead More »Governance and Internal Control Arrangements


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HP-012        Reviewed 08/12/2016 OTHR has the following insurance coverage, and current insurance certificates can be viewed by clicking on the links below: Insurance:  Broadform Liability Exp Date:     30/09/2016 Insurer:        Transport NSW Amount:      $150M+ Certificate: Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway Inc.- Signed Certificate of Currency (1) Insurance:  Public & Products Liability Exp Date:     15/02/2017Read More »Insurance


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EL-013    Reviewed 16/07/2021 IM-003-00: Consultation (National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 13) When an SMS is established, changed, or reviewed, OTHR will consult with key personnel which may include: Regulatory authorities; Personnel likely to be affected by the SMS (principally rail safety workers); Health and Safety Representatives; Local government and state organisation; and Other,Read More »Consultation

Internal Communications

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EL-014      Reviewed 16/07/2021 IM-002-00: Internal Communications (National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 14) OTHR has provisions for effective internal communication of safety related information to ensure that OTHR provides its rail safety workers with information about the SMS, and also encourages rail safety workers to identify and report safety and other issues. OTHRRead More »Internal Communications

Document Control and Information Management

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HP-007       Reviewed  IM-001-00: Document Control and Information Management (National Regulations –schedule 1 cl 7) OTHR has developed systems and procedures to control and manage documents and data relevant to the safe management of its railway operations as follows: A naming /numbering convention for all documents, including policies, procedures and forms included in theRead More »Document Control and Information Management

Resource Availability

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EL-030-1        Reviewed 23/07/2021 GV-003-01: Resource Availability (National Regulations - schedule 1 cl 30) OTHR as an accredited rail operator will have sufficient resources to operate its railway safely. Resources includes access to financial resources as well as equipment and people. These resources include: Appropriate funding and insurance; People are competent to operate,Read More »Resource Availability

Regulatory Compliance

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HP-006 GV-003-00: Regulatory Compliance (National Regulations –Schedule 1 cl 6) OTHR will maintain systems and procedures to maintain an up to date awareness of the Rail Safety National Law (RSNL) and other relevant safety legislation including Work Health and Safety Laws for the location in which it operates. To ensure compliance with this Element, OTHRRead More »Regulatory Compliance