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HP-028         Reviewed 08/12/2016 Forms Listed below are all the forms used by OTHR for reporting of issues or to gain authority to carry out tasks. These forms when completed are to be handed to management for action or filing. F-001 Document Forwarding 20200616 F-003 TrainMovOrder F-005 Internal Audit Form 190509 F-006Read More »Forms

Operational Procedures

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HP-024         Reviewed 01/03/2017 OTHR has a documented set of operational systems, safety standards and procedures which are used and kept up to date. OTHR is currently accredited to : operate rolling stock used in connection with, or for the purposes of construction and/or maintenance of railway infrastructure (track maintenance vehicles TMVs), andRead More »Operational Procedures

Safety Interface Coordination

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EL-022        Reviewed 18/02/2021 RM-002-01 Safety Interface Coordination (National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 22) Safety Interface Coordination is the process by which the activities of two (or more) organisations at a location are managed to ensure the safety of railway operations. An Interface Agreement is a document that describes all the arrangementsRead More »Safety Interface Coordination

Procurement and Contract Management

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HP-027       Reviewed 01/03/2017 Resources: OTHR Associated Documents: POL-009 Purchasing Policy 020817   Last updated: June 17, 2021 at 12:28 pm

Toolbox Meetings

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HP-004       Reviewed 08/12/2016 Toolbox Meetings are a means of making volunteers aware of the aspects of the tasks, that they are about to undertake, that they may not have experienced before. The Toolbox Meeting publications listed below are for specific tasks and the volunteers after being briefed on the contents are expectedRead More »Toolbox Meetings

Network Rules and Procedures

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Network Rules   General OTGE 200 Walking in the Danger Zone 20190404 OTGE 202 Handsignals 20190404 OTGE 204 Network Communication 20190404 OTGE 206 Reporting and Responding to a Condition Affecting the Network CAN 20190404 OTGE 208 Responding to a Major Incident 20190404 OTGE 212 Network information publications 20190404 OTGE 216 Level Crossings 20190404 OTGE 218Read More »Network Rules and Procedures