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Health and Fitness

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HP-027    Reviewed 19/07/2021 PM-003-00: Health and Fitness (National Regulations - regulation 27, schedule 1 cl 27) OTHR’s Health and Fitness Program aims to ensure volunteers, employees and contractors who perform rail safety work are of sufficient good health and fitness to perform the functions for which they are certified or the tasks they undertake.Read More »Health and Fitness

Rail Safety Worker Competency

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EL-002-00: Rail Safety Worker Competency Element 24 – Rail Safety Worker Competence OTHR has a legal requirement to ensure that its rail safety workers are competent and that there are records to support this requirement. This is critical to each element of the SMS, particularly for any technical or asset maintenance work or certification. ToRead More »Rail Safety Worker Competency

Human Factors

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EL-017  Reviewed 17/07/2021 PM-006-00 Human Factors (National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 17) ‘Human Factors’ is the term that is used when we talk about what people do and why they do it. Safety issues may arise when people behave in certain ways that could be as a result of: Poor interaction with tools orRead More »Human Factors

Training and Instruction

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EL-015        Reviewed 16/07/2021 PM-001-00: Training and Instruction (National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 15) OTHR has developed and implemented its General Induction that describe how it provides training and awareness to rail safety workers on the content of the safety management system. The OTHR General Induction: Provides an overview of the SMS;Read More »Training and Instruction

Fatigue Management

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HP-029         Reviewed 19/07/2021 Element 29 PM-005-00: Fatigue Risk Management (National Regulations - regulation 29, 57 (occurrence reporting), schedule 1 cl 29, schedule 2 (note there are additional requirements for operations in NSW). OTHR must be able to demonstrate that they are managing the risks associated with fatigue. Fatigue not only refers toRead More »Fatigue Management

Drug and Alcohol Management

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EL-028         Reviewed 19/07/2021 Element 28 – Drug and Alcohol Management PM-004-00: Drug and Alcohol Management OTHR has prepared a Drug and Alcohol Management Procedure, that describes the processes that it will follow to minimise the risk occurring from rail safety worker use of drugs and/or alcohol. OTHR’s procedure describes the processes toRead More »Drug and Alcohol Management


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HP-033        Reviewed 08/12/2016 Induction. OTHR has developed an Induction course for all Rail Safety Workers. To comply with the Rail Safety Act, OTHR will ensure that all workers engaged in rail safety work are trained by means of this OTHR developed induction course and if satisfactorily completed, will issue a Certificate ofRead More »Competency/Induction