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Review and audit

Management of Change

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HP-012       Reviewed 23/07/2021 EM-002-00: Management of Change (National Regulations – regulation 9, schedule 1 cl 12) OTHR has implemented a change management procedure to ensure that proposed changes within its rail operation are appropriately documented and potential rail safety risks identified, described and controls implemented to reduce risk, to a level that isRead More »Management of Change

Corrective Actions

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HP-011      Reviewed 16/07/2021 AR-003-00: Corrective Actions (National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 11) ‘Corrective Action’ is the term given to any action that is identified as a weakness or deficiency in a Safety Management System. Corrective actions can be identified from a number of sources, including but not limited to: Audits – internalRead More »Corrective Actions

Safety Audit Arrangements

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HP-010      Reviewed 16/07/2021 AR-002-00: Safety Audit Arrangements (National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 10) The OTHR Management Committee is responsible for establishing and managing the audit program. There are three levels of audits that may be undertaken: Internal compliance audits: performed by OTHR supervisory personnel. Internal Operational Audits: performed by OTHR managers onRead More »Safety Audit Arrangements

Safety Performance Measures

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HP-009      Reviewed 15/07/2021 MR-001-00: Safety Performance Measures (National Regulations –schedule 1 cl 9) OTHR uses Safety Performance Measures and Reports to monitor the effectiveness of its SMS. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are used to monitor safety performance and assess whether safety performance requirements are being met. Measurable Safety performance goals are set inRead More »Safety Performance Measures

SMS Review

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HP-008        Reviewed 15/07/2021 AR-001-00: Review of Safety Management Systems (National Regulations – regulation 17, schedule 1 cl 8) OTHR has developed and implemented a procedure to review its safety management system on a regular basis to ensure that it still complies with the law and is working effectively. The regulations state thatRead More »SMS Review