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Risk and Incidents

Risk Register

HP-020        Reviewed 08/12/2016 OTHR Risk Register Attached below is the Risk Register for OTHR. In developing  this  risk register OTHR spent time to: Identify the risks, based on the nature and extent of our operations Consider the likelihood of the risk eventuating if no controls were in place and the consequences of this,Read More »Risk Register

Security Management

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EL-025         Reviewed 18/07/2021 RM-003-00: Security Management (National Regulations - regulation 18, schedule 1 cl 25) OTHR may be exposed to different levels of security risk and must be able to show how it has assessed the security level that applies to its operations. The types of events OTHR will consider include theft,Read More »Security Management

Emergency Management

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EL-026       Reviewed 18/07/2021 RM-004-00: Emergency Management (National Regulations - regulation 18, schedule 1 cl 26) There is no point waiting for something to go wrong before deciding how to respond to unwanted events. Knowing how to respond to an emergency significantly aids response times of emergency services and limit the potential consequences ofRead More »Emergency Management

Management of Notifiable Incidents

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EL-023        Reviewed 18/07/2021 MR-003-00: Management of Notifiable Incidents (National Regulations – regulation 57, schedule 1 cl 23) A notifiable occurrence is an incident associated with railway operation that has, or could have, caused significant property damage, serious injury, death or that is, or is of a class that is, prescribed by theRead More »Management of Notifiable Incidents

Risk Management

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EL-016        Reviewed 17/07/2021 RM-001-00: Risk Management (National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 16) Managing risk is all about understanding what can go wrong when undertaking an activity, the consequences if something happens while undertaking the activity, the likelihood of something going wrong and what can be done to prevent or reduce theRead More »Risk Management