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SA-002-00: Safety Culture (National Regulations – regulation 17, schedule 1 cl 1-3)

Safety Culture is not easily defined but can be described as “The way that we do things around here” when we think about safety.

Safety culture is a measure of behaviour and attitude and is aligned with cultural values and beliefs.  A consistent commitment to safety must be a priority for rail safety workers, volunteers and contractors who undertake work on the OTHR Network, regardless of their role.

The OTHR Management Committee, Managers and Supervisors will develop and encourage a strong positive safety culture through strong leadership and a demonstrated commitment to safety.

A strong positive safety culture is usually led from the top and this results from strong leadership and the commitment from senior roles and has some key components:

  • Focus on safety leadership and commitment;
  • Role of managers in safety
  • Consultation and communication with all persons who are impacted by safety;
  • Encouraging open and honest communication and feedback without recourse;
  • Actively considering the behaviour of people and the impacts of those behaviours (human factors);
  • Seeking and recognising opportunities for safety improvement, and
  • A willingness to devote resources to safety.

Safety culture is only one component of a SMS but underpins and reinforces the necessary behaviours of everyone who works in the organisation. Without a positive safety culture, the SMS will become ineffective, and incidents and accidents will increase.

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OTHR’s Rail Safety Policy defines the safety aims and objectives of the organisation and expresses the organisation’s commitment to risk management and the development of a positive safety culture. The policy was developed in consultation with OTHR members and volunteers. It has been approved by the OTHR Management Committee.

The Rail Safety Policy is reviewed regularly as part of the  Safety Management System.  Changes to the Policy are submitted to the OTHR Management Committee for consideration.

Once approved by the management committee it is signed by the President and displayed in the station.


OTHR Associated Documents:


SA-001-01 Safety Policy Document

Updated 07/12/2021