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ALARP = As Low As Reasonably Practicable

ARO =       Accredited Railway Organisation

ARTC =    Australian Rail Track Corporation

CEO =       Chief Executive Officer (President)

CM =         Catering Manager

DC =         Document Controller

EA =          External Auditor

FM =         Finance Manager

IA =           Internal Auditor

ICP =         Interface Coordination Plan

IM =          Infrastructure Manager

ITSRR =    Independent Transport Safety and Reliability Regulator

JSA =        Job Safety Analysis (equivalent to Risk Assessment)

NAP =       National Rail Safety Accreditation Package

NTC =       National Transport Commission

OIC =        Officer In Charge

OM =        Operations Manager

PO =          Public Officer

PR =          President

PPE =        Personal Protective Equipment

PPM =       Planned Preventative Maintenance

RA =         Risk Assessment (Previously JSA)

RM =         Rollingstock Manager

RSR =       Rail Safety Regulator

RSRP =     Rail Safety Regulators Panel

SEC =        Secretary

SM =         Systems Manager

SMP =       Safety Management Plan

SOP =        Standard Operating Procedure

SPAD =     Signal Passed At Danger

TL =          Team Leader

TM =         Track Manager

TR =          Treasurer

VP =          Vice President


These are used in the “Action By” sections of OTHR’s Risk Assessment Procedures as well as in general documentation.