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The information in this website represents the Safety Management System (SMS) for accredited operations of the Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway Inc (OTHR) and has been
prepared to meet the regulatory requirements of the New South Wales rail safety
legislation, the Rail Safety National Law and associated regulations.


OTHR (a 100% volunteer non-for-profit association) was formed in 2005 with the aim to restore the disused pioneer railway branch line between Oberon and Tarana to a standard suitable for use in a Heritage Tourist Railway operation, and gaining the appropriate accreditation to commence those operations.

OTHR has approximated 260 members, and is managed by an elected committee of volunteers who oversee the development of the railway restoration, and the development and maintenance of the associated policies and procedures required.

Rail Safety Act – SMS Requirements

As part of the Safety Regulator accrediataion requirements, OTHR must have a Safety Management System (SMS) in a format approved by the Regulator, and which contains safety policies, systems and procedures as set out in the Rail Safety Act.

The OTHR SMS is an evolving document reflecting the procedural requirements of OTHR and operational standards required to ensure a safe environment for all persons moving in and about the railway precincts.  The systems and procedures contained on this website undergo regular review and updating.

Please note that once you have printed these documents they are an uncontrolled copy and valid only for the day on which they were printed. Please return to this website to verify content.