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Asset Management

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EL-021 Asset Management    Reviewed 18/07/2021
Element 21 EM-001-00: Asset Management

All assets have a ‘life cycle’ from design through to disposal. There are six phases in this cycle:
• Design;
• Construct;
• Test/commission;
• Operate;
• Maintain; and
• De-commission/dispose.
The OTHR Management Committee is responsible for Asset Management and has developed and implemented an Asset Management Procedure and supporting documents, covering its rolling stock and track infrastructure.
The Asset Management Procedure forms part of the OTHR SMS and is therefore included in its application for accreditation.
All activities described in the Asset Management Procedure shall be undertaken within the stipulated timeframes.
Asset management planning is an essential component in ensuring Safety, and as such, is part of OTHR’s SMS reviews, and when change occurs.

Associated Documents

EM-001-00 Asset Management 01072020

EM-001-01 Asset Management Procedure-01072020

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