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EL-013    Reviewed 16/07/2021

IM-003-00: Consultation

(National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 13)

When an SMS is established, changed, or reviewed, OTHR will consult with key personnel which may include:

  • Regulatory authorities;
  • Personnel likely to be affected by the SMS (principally rail safety workers);
  • Health and Safety Representatives;
  • Local government and state organisation; and
  • Other, rail transport operators with which the OTHR interacts.

The following have been identified as relevant contacts to be consulted with, when reviewing or varying relevant parts of OTHR’s SMS:

  • OTHR rail members, volunteers, and rail safety workers;
  • Regulatory Authorities – ONRSR, Dep Fair Trading, NSW Heritage Council;
  • Oberon Local Council where road or public interfaces may be affected;
  • Roads and Maritime where road or public interfaces may be affected;
  • Police, Ambulance and Fire Services where Emergency and Security Management are affected;
  • John Holland Rail for changes to access and changes to accreditation; and
  • Adjoining property owners and land users where operations may impact on them.

OTHR will use the following methods of consultation:

  • Risk assessment as part of the change management process, key stakeholders are included in the discussions;
  • Regular volunteer and/or operations meetings;
  • Information on Notice Boards or websites seeking feedback from rail safety workers; and
  • Emails to OTHR members, volunteers, and rail safety workers.


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