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Corrective Actions

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HP-011      Reviewed 16/07/2021

AR-003-00: Corrective Actions

(National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 11)

‘Corrective Action’ is the term given to any action that is identified as a weakness or deficiency in a Safety Management System.

Corrective actions can be identified from a number of sources, including but not limited to:

  • Audits – internal and external;
  • Document /SMS review processes;
  • Incident Reports;
  • Investigation findings;
  • Risk Assessments;
  • Routine maintenance inspections of infrastructure and individual items of rolling stock;
  • Suggestions from people who work with the SMS or specific procedures; and
  • Anything that has occurred outside the organisation but could have an impact on the operations.

These are all items that require attention to improve and maintain safety and are tracked by OTHR to ensure they are resolved.

OTHR maintains a register of corrective actions to monitor status and to identify responsibility for closing out the action.


AR-003-00 Corrective Actions

AR-003-01 Corrective Actions Procedure 01072021

AR-003-F1 Non-Conformance-Report-30th-May-2020

AR-003-F2 External-Audit-Report-30th-May-2020

AR-003-F3 OTHR-Corrective Action Register-01072021

F-010 Injury Reports

F-021 Daily Sign-on Sheet (Reverse Side)

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