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Document Control and Information Management

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HP-007       Reviewed 

IM-001-00: Document Control and Information Management

(National Regulations –schedule 1 cl 7)

OTHR has developed systems and procedures to control and manage documents and data relevant to the safe management of its railway operations as follows:

  • A naming /numbering convention for all documents, including policies, procedures and forms included in the SMS, has been developed;
  • Each document is numbered, named, and a version date and version number for each document created and recorded;
  • Safety records have been identified and included in the system as controlled documents;
  • A register of controlled documents has been prepared;
  • The register is updated with the new details each time a document is amended;
  • A process to create and record safety procedures/documents has been developed;
  • Controlled documents are reviewed in accordance with SMS Review Process;
  • Changes to controlled documents are communicated in accordance with Internal Communication Procedures; and
  • SMS documents are electronically stored and backed up independently, physical documents are stored in accordance with OTHR Document and Data Control Procedure.


IM-001-00-Document Control and Information Management

IM-001-01-OTHR-Document and Data Control Procedure 01072021

IM-001-02-OTHR-Controlled Document Register-01072021

OTHR Associated Documents:

POL-005 Document and Data Control 220216 (1)

F-001 Document Forwarding110509

F-020 Mngrs Checksheet Outgoing Documents 020609

POL-008 Communication Policy 140816


Last updated: July 22, 2021 at 6:35 am