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Governance and Internal Control Arrangements

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GV-001-00: Governance and Internal Control Arrangements

(National Regulations –schedule 1 cl 4)

OTHR will ensure that members of the Management Committee and those in Management Positions have sufficient knowledge to manage its rail operations. ‘Sufficient knowledge’ includes that those occupying positions on the Management Committee and Management positions understand:

  • what risks have been identified, and are in a position to question and query the management of those risks; and
  • whether or not OTHR is compliant with its obligations under the law.

This includes that they are able to determine:

  • if the safety management system (SMS) is working effectively, and
  • that risks are being identified, assessed and managed so far as is reasonably practicable; and
  • that risk controls are regularly reviewed and updated accordingly.
  • that OTHR Management Committee has implemented systems and procedures to ensure that decisions or directions made by them that affect rail safety are being implemented effectively.

Members of the OTHR Management Committee and Management Positions must ensure that they understand their legal governance obligations.

OTHR Management Committee Members, Managers and Supervisors must also understand that they have personal as well as professional obligations under the law. Those members who undertake Rail Safety Work are required to comply with the contents of the OTHR SMS, to identify opportunities for improvement, to follow reasonable instruction and to keep themselves safe, while not endangering others.

OTHR’s safety culture is positive and supports reporting from the ground upwards in a structured and transparent process. These obligations have been clearly articulated in job /role descriptions and included in inductions in order that all position holders are clear on the expectations of their roles.

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