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HP-027    Reviewed 19/07/2021

PM-003-00: Health and Fitness

(National Regulations – regulation 27, schedule 1 cl 27)

OTHR’s Health and Fitness Program aims to ensure volunteers, employees and contractors who perform rail safety work are of sufficient good health and fitness to perform the functions for which they are certified or the tasks they undertake.

OTHR has procedures incorporating the requirements of the National health Assessment Standard for Rail Safety Workers (NHAS)  in managing the health and fitness of its rail safety workers.

The duties and medical requirements for all positions have been documented. Each position has been assessed for risk and categorised .

A register of rail safety workers and the date their health assessment is due is maintained by the Document Controller. Each individual rail safety worker will be informed when their health assessment is coming due and arrange for their next periodic assessment.

All members who perform rail safety work are required to notify their Manager or the  Administration Manager should they develop a medical or fitness conditions, either temporary or permanent, which would preclude them from operating any specified class of equipment or if they no longer wish to be listed in the accreditation register.

In administering the rail safety worker health assessments, OTHR ensures that the Privacy Principles contained in Privacy Legislation are complied with and that health records are managed and stored in line with the relevant Health Records legislation.

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