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Human Factors

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EL-017  Reviewed 17/07/2021

PM-006-00 Human Factors

(National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 17)

‘Human Factors’ is the term that is used when we talk about what people do and why they do it.

Safety issues may arise when people behave in certain ways that could be as a result of:

  • Poor interaction with tools or equipment due to design, construction or engineering;
  • Personal attributes – health (mental and physical), influence of drugs and/or alcohol etc.
  • By considering human factors, operators can:
  • Reduce the likelihood of human error;
  • limit the consequences of human error;
  • increase the margin for safety; and
  • increase efficiency and effectiveness.

The study of Human Factors has become more widely acknowledged in recent years and is worthy of some consideration given the design and age of heritage assets.

OTHR acknowledges that human behaviour has an impact on safety, and that this aspect has been considered when identifying and managing its safety risks.


PM-006-00 Human Factors Management 01072021

PM-006-01 Human Factors Management Procedure 01072021