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Human Factors

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OTHR must have procedures to ensure that human factors are taken into account in their SMS development, operation and maintenance, and are integrated into operational and business systems.

Human factors looks at  understanding all aspects of the way people relate to each other, system (technology and operations) and organisations. One of its aims is to improve operational and human performance, particularly safety, by reducing the potential for human error.

OTHR is committed to considering human factors in the design and implementation of it’s SMS, particularly in the area of risk management.  The management committee will ensure the consideration of human factors by

  • it’s inclusion on the agenda of SMS Review meetings, and in the ongoing review of it’s risk register, and
  • the development of a strategy to educate the management and workers about ‘human factors’ – what they are and their relationship to our risk management.


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Last updated: June 16, 2021 at 16:31 pm