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[mill-admin-notes admin_notes=”It is best to leave this page alone as it is automatically generated by code. If you really do need to remove an sms category from here just delete the relevant block (this doesnt delete the sms category itself. It just stops this page from showing it). If you need to add a new category, the sms category must be defined first under SMS Pages > SMS Categories and the “slug“ of the sms category needs to be entered in one of the blocks here (ensure it is the slug not the title and it is lower case with no spaces). Clone an existing block to create a new block, then enter the slug. Also be sure there are docs allocated to the new sms category so you can see the result else you might think your new block is not working!”][mill-code filename=”safety” some_options=”Gday!” admin_notes=”safety”][mill-code filename=”governance” some_options=”Gday!” admin_notes=”governance”][mill-code filename=”review-and-audit” some_options=”Gday!” admin_notes=”review-and-audit”][mill-code filename=”risk-and-incidents” some_options=”Gday!” admin_notes=”risk-and-incidents”][mill-code filename=”operations” some_options=”Gday!” admin_notes=”operations”][mill-code filename=”engineering” some_options=”Gday!” admin_notes=”engineering”][mill-code filename=”personnel” some_options=”Gday!” admin_notes=”personnel”]