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Internal Communications

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EL-014      Reviewed 16/07/2021

IM-002-00: Internal Communications

(National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 14)

OTHR has provisions for effective internal communication of safety related information to ensure that OTHR provides its rail safety workers with information about the SMS, and also encourages rail safety workers to identify and report safety and other issues.

OTHR has established standard procedures for communication to its members, volunteers and rail safety workers which include:

  • Identifying those who need to receive information about the SMS;
  • Establishing methods of consultation to be used by OTHR;
  • Establishing mechanisms to communicate which include:
  • Safety policy displayed on the noticeboard;
  • The steps to report an incident or accident (including the process for contractors);
  • Regular newsletters to provide updates on the SMS or incidents that have occurred;
  • Procedures for incident reporting displayed on noticeboards;
  • Implementing a process to review document/procedural changes at sign on;
  • Inclusion of information in toolbox talks;
  • Discussions at Committee/Board meetings and volunteer briefing sessions;
  • Changes discussed at safety meetings;
  • Reporting of items to the Executive Committee or Board.

The Safety Manager has responsibility for the implementation of the SMS and for ensuring that internal communication procedures detailed in the SMS are followed.


IM-002-00 Internal Communications 01072021

IM-002-01 OTHR Communications Procedure 01072021

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