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Management, Accountabilities, Responsibilites & Authorities

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GV-002-00: Management Structure Roles and Responsibilities

(National Regulations –schedule 1 cl 5)

A key component of a safe workplace is that OTHR Members understands what they are required to do, how to do it, what they have authority to do it, and what the roles and responsibilities of others are.

OTHR Members must have a clear understanding of what they can and cannot do and must normally operate within the bounds of those tasks/duties.

OTHR has developed an organisation chart which details the allocation of key safety roles and identifies those roles with specific responsibilities. OTHR will ensure that each role has a Position  Description which details:

  • Responsibilities;
  • Accountabilities; and
  • Level of authority.

The competency that is required to hold each position and carry out the role is documented in the Position Description for each of these positions. Position holders will be required to sign their Position Description as confirmation of their understanding of their accountabilities and responsibilities.

OTHR Management Structure, Roles and Responsibilities Procedure describes the hierarchy of authorities for Management Committee and Line Management positions.

All rail safety workers and people with safety responsibilities are expected to work within the limits of their authorities and only when competent to do so.

Organisational structure and changes to authorities and accountabilities are considered as part of the risk assessment process, when a change that may affect rail safety occurs.

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