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Management of Notifiable Incidents

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EL-023        Reviewed 18/07/2021

MR-003-00: Management of Notifiable Incidents

(National Regulations – regulation 57, schedule 1 cl 23)

A notifiable occurrence is an incident associated with railway operation that has, or could have, caused significant property damage, serious injury, death or that is, or is of a class that is, prescribed by the national regulations to be a notifiable occurrence or class of notifiable occurrence.

All notifiable occurrences occurring on the OTHR Network are, in the first instance, to be reported directly to the OTHR President and then the Management Committee, by telephone immediately following the incident by the Manager/Supervisor.

All notifiable occurrences will be managed in accordance with the OTHR’s Notifiable Occurrence Procedure.

ONRSR “What you need to report” URL Link

OTHR Applicable Documents:

MR-002-00 Management of Notifiable Occurrences 01072020

MR-002-01-Notifiable Occurrence Procedure-01072021

MR-002-02-Incident Reporting Form-Version 1-24102020

IM-001 Incident Emergency Contact List140317

IM-002 Summary Notifiable Occurrences 200709

IM-003 Minor Incident Report Form 27 June 2018

R-012 Hazardous Materials 03_02_10



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