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Operational Procedures

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HP-024         Reviewed 01/03/2017

OTHR has a documented set of operational systems, safety standards and procedures which are used and kept up to date.
OTHR is currently accredited to :
  • operate rolling stock used in connection with, or for the purposes of construction and/or maintenance of railway infrastructure (track maintenance vehicles TMVs), and
  • manage the rail infrastructure on the Oberon-Tarana line for the purposes of conducting maintenance services and for the storage of rolling stock,
The operation systems and procedures focus only the above requirements.
The SMS documents provide systems and procedures for safe rail traffic management of TMVs, including
  • Maintaining records (time or distance) of what track and infrastructure, rolling stock and operational systems are in use ( SOP-001, F-044, F-045 )
  • Maintenance standard and schedule of maintenance
  • Safe train separation ( F-044 )
  • Route integrity
  • Train control, signalling and communications
  • Ensure that any modifications to equipment are certified and are subject to a risk assessment. (See Change Management)
  • Shunting single carriages using a tractor in the station precinct


OTHR Associated Documents:

Risk Assessment Shunting with Loco 26th  June 2019

Risk Assessment Shunting with Tractor 26th June 2019

SOP-010 Level Crossing Operations 080217

SOP-001-Section-Car Operation230118

SOP-009 TMV Operating Manual 230118

SOP-005 Shunting – Yard operations 13 February 2019

SOP-006 Clipping points 26 June 2018

SOP-007 Hand Signals 26 June 2018

SOP-012-Shunting-Rolling-Stock-using-a-Tractor 13 February 2019

SOP-013 Two Way Radios 13 February 2019

F-047 Tractor Pre-start Checklist 20190702

F-054 Servicing and Inspections International Tractor 84 Series 20190702

F-048 73CL Pre-start, Pre-work 13 February 2019



TB-016 Working Near Moving Machinery 150516

F-049 Schedule of Monthly Diesel Locomotive Inspection and Maintenance 13  February 2019

F-050 Schedule of 6 Monthly Diesel Locomotive Inspection and Maintenance 13 February 2019

F-051 Schedule of 12 Monthly Diesel Locomotive Inspection and Maintenance 13 February 2019

F-052 Shunting with a Locomotive Safe Work Method Statement 11 March 2019

F-053 Shunting with a Tractor Safe Work Method Statement 11 March 2019

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