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Process Control Operational Inspection

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EL-020-3    Reviewed 17/0/2021

EM-004-00 Process Control

(National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 20)

OTHR has developed and implemented procedures to inspect its infrastructure and rollingstock to ensure that these assets meet the standards set, and that they are fit for purpose.

OTHR’s inspection procedures involve a combination of:

  • Pre-use (daily) inspections of the track and rolling stock to check for obvious defects which affect the safety of the day’s operations;
  • Periodic detailed inspections which are conducted at varying frequencies depending on the age, amount of use and rate of deterioration of the infrastructure and rolling stock; and
  • With various inspection types carried out by rail safety workers with various levels of competency directly associated with those inspection activities.

Unscheduled inspections may also be carried out when required.

Inspections and maintenance of safety rail related assets shall only be performed by rail safety workers who have the appropriate and correct levels of competence to do the work.