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Process Control Track Infrastructure Inspections

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EL-020-2    Reviewed 17/07/2021
EM-004-00 Process Control
(National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 20)

OTHR has developed and implemented procedures to inspect its infrastructure and rollingstock to ensure that these assets meet the standards set, and that they are fit for purpose.
OTHR’s inspection procedures involve a combination of:
• Pre-use (daily) inspections of the track and rolling stock to check for obvious defects which affect the safety of the day’s operations;
• Periodic detailed inspections which are conducted at varying frequencies depending on the age, amount of use and rate of deterioration of the infrastructure and rolling stock; and
• With various inspection types carried out by rail safety workers with various levels of competency directly associated with those inspection activities.
Unscheduled inspections may also be carried out when required.
Inspections and maintenance of safety rail related assets shall only be performed by rail safety workers who have the appropriate and correct levels of competence to do the work.

Track and Infrastructure Inspection and Monitoring:

The OTHR line runs between Oberon and Tarana, some 24.5km, however only the line between Oberon and Hazelgrove (4.5km) is currently being restored with the view to being used for rolling stock operations as part of the first stage of the OTHR project. Accordingly all references to track maintenance and inspections refer only to this section at this stage.

Track managed by OTHR is inspected by the Track Manager or an appropriately qualified person recognized by the committee as being fit to review track for this organisation.

Inspections are carried out as follows:

Daily Inspection –   The  first TMV of each running day will be a track inspection.  A note indicating the inspection was carried out (specifically noting any matters requiring attention) is made for that day’s operation.

Annual Inspection – The Track Manager will walk the length of the track at least once per year, to confirm the track meets the standards set out in section A.  A record of this inspection  will be maintained confirming that it has been carried out and noting items requiring attention.  This will form the basis for the maintenance work plan for the following 12 months.  The inspection record the date each items has been rectified.

The Track Manager will communicate any items falling outside the infrastructure standards to the Rolling Stock Manager and inform him of operating restrictions or imposing a ban on the operation of trains until the fault is rectified.

Unscheduled maintenance may also be carried out to address items unexpectedly arising.

All restoration and maintenance work carried out on the OTHR rail infrastructure is inspected and certified as fit for purpose.




EM-004-03 OTHR Track Inspection-01072020