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Rail Safety Worker Competency

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EL-002-00: Rail Safety Worker Competency
Element 24 – Rail Safety Worker Competence

OTHR has a legal requirement to ensure that its rail safety workers are competent and that there are records to support this requirement. This is critical to each element of the SMS, particularly for any technical or asset maintenance work or certification.

To demonstrate compliance with this requirement OTHR maintains records as follows:

  • A register or list which details what rail safety work is performed by personnel, including contractors, volunteers or visitors.
  • This work has been risk assessed and the skills and qualifications necessary for the tasks have been identified (including review of the Australian Qualifications Framework to see if it is practicable to get training under this)
  • The assessment includes when the task involves normal, abnormal, degraded and emergency situations.
  • Personnel records with evidence that the worker has the necessary skills and qualifications (such as certificates issued under the Australian Qualifications Framework or reference checks to confirm experience) for the rail safety work they are doing.
  • The competency of each rail safety worker aligns with their allocated responsibilities and accountabilities Records must have details of (as per regulation 30):
  • the rail safety training undertaken by each rail safety worker, including when the training was undertaken and its duration; and
  • the qualifications and competencies of each rail safety worker, including, if applicable— – the units of competence attained by the worker; and – the level of qualification attained; and – if and when a re-assessment of competence is to be conducted; and – if and when re-training is due; and – the date any re-training is undertaken; and
  • the name of the organisation who conducted the training or re-training; and
  • the name and qualifications of the person who assessed the competence of the rail safety worker. Each rail safety worker must also carry identification that an officer of the ONRSR can use to confirm who the person is and check their competencies with the operator (section 118)

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