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Regulatory Compliance

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GV-003-00: Regulatory Compliance

(National Regulations –Schedule 1 cl 6)

OTHR will maintain systems and procedures to maintain an up to date awareness of the Rail Safety National Law (RSNL) and other relevant safety legislation including Work Health and Safety Laws for the location in which it operates.

To ensure compliance with this Element, OTHR has introduced systems and procedures to ensure that:

  • All persons who have access to the OTHR website has access to the OTHR Notice of Accreditation;
  • Current copies of RSNL and Regulations, and other relevant legislation are available via the OTHR Website (also available ONRSR website).
  • OTHR Managers and supervisors have been instructed in how to access the RSNL and Regulations, including codes of practice, guidelines, and fact sheets;
  • The Safety Manager will ensure Acts and Regulations are reviewed and monitored to ensure that they are current;
  • All OTHR policies and procedures will be developed in accordance with RSNL and regularly reviewed to maintain compliance;
  • The OTHR Key Contact when notified of a change to legislation, will ensure that it is passed on to relevant OTHR personnel and systems updated; and
  • The Management Committee will ensure that any changes to RSNL, Codes of Practice, Guidelines, Fact Sheets, and other relevant legislation will be tabled for discussion at Committee Meetings for discuss

The relevant legislation that applies to the OTHR operations are:


National Legislation:

NSW Legislation:

OTHR is also subject to the various legislation enforced by the following NSW Government Departments:

Accreditation under the Rail Safety Act

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