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Resource Availability

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EL-030-1        Reviewed 23/07/2021
GV-003-01: Resource Availability
(National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 30)

OTHR as an accredited rail operator will have sufficient resources to operate its railway safely. Resources includes access to financial resources as well as equipment and people. These resources include:

  • Appropriate funding and insurance;
  • People are competent to operate, inspect and maintain the rollingstock and/or infrastructure;
  • Risk management skills are available; and
  • Engineering support is available.

OTHR has identified the resource requirements to operate its railway and has developed and implemented the following processes to ensure compliance with this element of its SMS:

  • Business plan prepared;
  • Annual budget developed;
  • Insurance cover obtained;
  • Minimum numbers of rail safety workers required have been identified and included in organisational structure;
  • Training plans for members and volunteers developed;
  • Volunteer recruitment strategies developed;
  • Consultancy firms that may assist in providing resources identified;
  • Maintenance plans that describe how assets are managed and maintained included in Engineering Management;
  • Procurement processes;
  • Technical experts used to certify assets identified and agreements established.
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