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Safety Audit Arrangements

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HP-010      Reviewed 16/07/2021

AR-002-00: Safety Audit Arrangements

(National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 10)

The OTHR Management Committee is responsible for establishing and managing the audit program.

There are three levels of audits that may be undertaken:

  • Internal compliance audits: performed by OTHR supervisory personnel.
  • Internal Operational Audits: performed by OTHR managers on an as required basis
  • External compliance audits: performed: by Regulatory Authorities.

The OTHR SMS audit is programmed over a three year period.  The Audit Schedule makes provision for all SMS Elements to be audited at least once in each three-year period.

The OTHR Management Committee will prioritise the internal audit program considering:

  • Previous audit findings and recommendations;
  • Recent rail safety performance; and
  • Risk status of activities to be audited,

The Management Committee will monitor the audit program to ensure audits are completed as scheduled.


AR-002-00 Safety Audit Arrangements 01072021

AR-002-01 Safety Audit Procedure-01072021

AR-002-F2 Internal-Audit-Form-01072021

AR-002-F3 Audit-Checklist-01072021

AR-002-F4 External-Audit-Report-01072021

AR-002-F5 Nonconformance Report 01072021

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