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Training and Instruction

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EL-015        Reviewed 16/07/2021

PM-001-00: Training and Instruction

(National Regulations – schedule 1 cl 15)

OTHR has developed and implemented its General Induction that describe how it provides training and awareness to rail safety workers on the content of the safety management system.

The OTHR General Induction:

  • Provides an overview of the SMS;
  • Incorporates a written test which is included with training/awareness sessions;
  • Ensures information about the SMS is included in regular volunteer/rail safety worker briefings;
  • Ensures that affected workers are consulted when changing or reviewing the SMS;
  • Ensures updates that require additional training are identified and training delivered as part of the change process;
  • Ensures that refresher training is provided regardless of skill levels and /or experience;
  • Ensures that records are kept for all training courses/awareness sessions;
  • Ensures that discussions about procedures include details of the hazards and risks that exist as well as the controls that are used to eliminate or minimise them;
  • Ensures that Management Committee reports provide updates on SMS training.

OTHR ensures that training materials are developed and/or delivered by people with the skills and experience and that members including the Management Committee participate and apply the knowledge learned at training/ awareness sessions.

Rail safety workers including contractors participate in training and/or awareness sessions and comply with the procedures contained in the SMS.


PM-001-00 Training and Instruction 01072021

PM-002-02-Induction Folder 01072021

PM-002-03 Visitor Site Induction 01072021

TM-001-01 Track Maintenance Vehicle Operator Training Manual 01072021

TM-001-02 On the Ground Shunter Training Manual-01072021

SWMS-001-01 Tool Box Meeting Blank 01072021

SWMS-001-02 Rail Jacks 01072021

SWMS-001-03 Loading and Operating Sleeper Trolley 01072021

SWMS-001-05 Working with Machinery 01072021

SWMS-001-06 Working in Dusty Wet-Environments 01072021


Last updated: July 23, 2021 at 8:24 am