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Security Management

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EL-025         Reviewed 18/07/2021

RM-003-00: Security Management

(National Regulations – regulation 18, schedule 1 cl 25)

OTHR may be exposed to different levels of security risk and must be able to show how it has assessed the security level that applies to its operations.

The types of events OTHR will consider include theft, assault, sabotage, terrorism and other criminal acts.

OTHR’s Security Management Procedure includes:

  • a list of the security risks;
  • description of the preventative and response measures to be used to manage security risks; and
  • a description of the policies, procedures and equipment and other physical resources needed to manage security risks.

OTHR considers the following security related risks when developing and reviewing its Risk Register:

  • Theft
  • Assault
  • Sabotage/Vandalism
  • Terrorism

All personnel must report security incidents in accordance with the procedures outlined in OTHR’s Incident Reporting Procedures.  All such reports will be tabled at a Management Committee meeting for appropriate action.

It is important that all OTHR personnel are vigilant to ensure that OTHR’s premises are secured to prevent unauthorised access to buildings and equipment which may result in theft and vandalism (including fire).  Failure to do so places our assets at risk.

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