Asset Management

HP-025         Reviewed 08/12/2016

Guidelines say to deliver an effective asset management policy, OTHR should:

1) Identify the accountability of the Management Committee for asset management and safety

2) Identify the serviceability standards  (note that some variations apply). If no existing serviceability standards are known or available, document the method used to define serviceability standards.

3) Ensure that the asset lifecycle procedures are documented. Note that whilst maintaining rolling stock in its operational condition is the aim of tourist and heritage operators, decommissioning and disposal must remain factors in the lifecycle process. This is particularly relevant when a component needs to be replaced.

Consideration may also need to be given to rolling stock or infrastructure that is statically preserved to ensure that it does not impact on the safe operation of the railway or its surrounding environment.

If rolling stock is being recommissioned, ensure that it is subject to a risk assessment and verified as fit for purpose through the commissioning process.

4) Detail the expected lifespans and overhaul schedules for the following:

a. Rolling stock (the overhaul schedule is in addition to the maintenance schedule  maintained in the Rolling Stock Register)
b. Track network
c.  Signaling system
d. Other rail infrastructure.


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