HP-011    Reviewed 08/12/2016

OTHR has provisions for effective consultation and communication of safety related information

OTHR has identified relevant external contacts (eg)

  • Regulatory Authorities – ONRSR, Dep Fair Trading, NSW Heritage Council etc
  • Local Council
  • Roads Authority
  • Emergency Services
  • John Holland Rail
  • Adjoining property owners and land users
  • Passengers
  • Public
  • Association Members

and these contacts are consulted with where required, including when reviewing or varying relevant parts of OTHR’s SMS.

General consultation is achieved through an invitation to contribute via the OTHRs newsletter at the time of the Annual Review, and also through the publication of details about major changes in the newsletter, website and in monthly general meetings.

Rail Safety Workers involved in railway operations are approached directly for their comments prior to the annual review and when considering any material changes to the SMS.



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