Corrective Actions

HP-017       Reviewed 08/12/2016

OTHR has procedures to ensure that Corrective Action is taken in response to any identified safety issues or defects. Corrective action ensures that the outcomes of inspection and testing, audits, investigation and hazard reporting procedures are actioned appropriately.

All safety issues, audit and investigation reports are brought to OTHR Committee Meetings in a variety of ways including:

The Committee determines appropriate Corrective Actions and assigns them to designated competent persons with an appropriate time frame for the action to be undertaken.

Corrective Actions are linked to the OTHR Risk Score Matrix.  The higher the risk, the sooner the action is to be scheduled to be completed. (Refer Risk Management)

All Corrective Actions are recorded on the Committee Outstanding Actions List where they remain until completed. Items on the Outstanding Actions List or reported on and updated at each committee meeting.  (Refer COM-006 Management Roles and Structure)  The committee ensures that upon completion, the corrective action has been effective in fixing the safety problem identified.

Where the corrective action involves material change to our SMS operations and procedures, appropriate processes to manage the changes are followed (Refer Management of Change).  Where appropriate the Risk Register is also to be reviewed and updated to reflect any corrective actions.



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