Emergency Management

HP-023        Reviewed 08/12/2016

OTHR has an emergency management plan in their SMS specifically for the re-construction and operation phase where the work area covered by Stage One is from the buffer stop within Oberon Yard to Hazelgrove station yard. This section covers about 5.6km of line that is accessible from public roads and through private property.

Section Control

Stage one has been divided into two sections. These have been given the following colours to identify the areas and the specific access points.

Red           Oberon Station to the Tip road.

White       Tip Road to Hazelgrove Station.

The Site Manager or Team Leader will notify the emergency services in the event of a serious non life threatening injury or incident.


OTHR Associated Documents:

IM-001 Incident Emergency Contact List150816

SOP-014 Emergency Procedures 29th March 2019

Last updated: March 29, 2019 at 2:39 am