Engineering & Operational Systems

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ONRSR guidelines …

OTHR must have a documented set of engineering standards and procedures, and operational systems, safety standards and procedures which are used and kept up to date.

This includes:

      • Defining specifications for infrastructure
      • Providing standards for maintenance
      • Ensuring people providing maintenance are under the supervision of persons who have appropriate qualifications
      • Providing systems and procedures for safe rail traffic management including:
        • Safe train separation
        • Route integrity
        • Train control, signaling and communications
      • Providing systems and procedure for decommissioning and disposal of infrastructure and rolling stock
      • Awareness of where goods and services, track and infrastructure, rolling stock etc is sourced from (See POL-009 Purchasing Policy)
      • Certifying all rolling stock as fit for purpose .
      • Conducting frequent inspections of rail infrastructure and rolling stock to ensure compliance with SMS and standards (see Process Control)
      • Repair and maintenance of equipment, risk assessments associated with any modification of 2nd hand equipment. (POL-006 Change Management Proceedure)
      • Maintaining records of what track and infrastructure, rolling stock and operational systems are in use (eg Rolling Stock Register, maintenance standard and schedule of maintenance)
      • Ensure compliance with rail safety legislation (See Regulatory Compliance)
      • Ensure engineering standards and procedures and operational systems, safety standards and procedures are reviewed and kept up to date


OTHR Associated Documents

POL-009 Purchasing Policy140816

POL-006 Change Management Policy 140816

POL-001 Safety Policy 220216




COM-002 Worker Competency doc 23.09.11

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