Notifiable Occurrences

HP-021        Reviewed 08/12/2016

The Rail Safety National Law requires notifiable occurrences to be reported. A notifiable occurrence means an accident or incident associated with railway operation that has, or could have, caused significant property damage, serious injury, death or that is, or is of a class that is, prescribed by the national regulations to be a notifiable occurrence or class of notifiable occurrence.

Notifiable occurrences are categorised as follows:

Category A, the most serious, which must be immediately orally reported by phoning the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) on 1800 011 034 and following up with a written report to the ONRSR within 72 hours, using the prescribed form

Category B, which must be reported to the ONRSR within 72 hours, using the prescribed form.


 Notifying OTHR Management:

All incidents of reportable occurrences are to be reported directly to the OTHR president by telephone as soon as reasonably practiable by the operator.  All such reports will

  • be written up in detail by the operator and managers involved.
  • be brought to the attention of the OTHR Management Committee for appropriate immediate action as required by the event
  • trigger a risk analysis of the activity surrounding the notifiable occurrence and the appropriate change management procedures following any identified changes to OTHR procedures.
  • be included in the annual SMS Review background documentation


  • ONRSR – Occurence Notification Form

OTHR Applicable Documents:

IM-001 Incident Emergency Contact List140317

IM-002 Summary Notifiable Occurrences 200709

IM-003 Minor Incident Report Form 27 June 2018

R-012 Hazardous Materials 03_02_10

SN-009 ITSRR Notifiable Ocurrences 190509



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